El-mor Air conditionin

El-mor Air conditioning lives up to the Hebrew meaning of its name: “stable,” and is known for its stability, both in terms of the number of years that have passed since it was established and in terms of its staff of professional workers: a strong core of engineers, practical engineers, project managers, electricians, operation teams and service teams.

El-mor Air conditioning is known to its customers as a reliable company, which puts an emphasis on the high quality of its work.

El-mor Air conditioning is a subsidiary of El-Mor, a leader in the field of energy, power, control and electromechanics in Israel and abroad.

The Company’s services:

El-mor Air conditioning specializes in setting up, supervising and carrying out projects in the field of industrial air conditioning in a number of outputs and configurations, and in addition, in renovating and upgrading air-conditioning systems, assisting and supporting customers, and providing services during the inspection period, as well as providing annual service checks at the end of the inspection period.

El-mor Air conditioning provides a response to all types of air-conditioning technology, including:

Chillers, cooling towers, VRF systems, control systems, fan coils, inverters, YTAs, electrical installation, and everything associated with these systems.

El-mor Air conditioning internal engineering and design department provides a response to the needs of managers and teams working for the customers. Together, they assist and support each project from the design stage to final delivery to the customer, and maintenance from then on.

Air-conditioning systems are installed and operated by practical engineers, technicians, and professional control and electrical workers.

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