El-Mor Electronics Ltd. was founded in 1993 as a subsidiary of the El-Mor Group. The Company provides services in the fields of automation and SCADA control. The Company specializes in PLC-integrated control systems and the connections between the SCADA systems and their operators, using central designated software (HMI).

El-Mor Electronics assists and supports its customers in designing, supervising and managing at the installation stage, performing tests and assimilation, and providing ongoing assistance and support, until the process is completed. El-Mor Electronics provides fast service in the field, or, if necessary, at the Company’s laboratories. El-Mor Electronics has the capability and the experience to implement systems on a turnkey project basis.

 The Company’s key fields of expertise:

Structures and institutions:

  • Street lighting control systems for local authorities, cities and regional councils
  • Electrical control systems for saving power in buildings and public institutions
  • Control systems for emergency lighting and flood detection
  • Providing unique solutions for detecting and warning about malfunctions
  • Systems for measuring power consumption and issuing reports

Industrial and agricultural field:

  • Automation of production floor
  • Sorting and packaging control systems
  • Cooling and AC control systems
  • Watering and fertilizing control systems
  • Chicken coop and cowshed control systems
  • Industrial process management