The El-Mor Group specializes in providing management and maintenance services for energy, electrical and electro-mechanical systems. Our approach places great emphasis on savings and efficiency, safety, professionalism, personal service and innovation, while maintaining full transparency with our customers and the availability of the Company’s finest professionals and engineers, 24 hours a day.

Experience teaches us that working in a field that is peripheral to an organization’s specialization wastes a great deal of time and valuable resources, and therefore the El-Mor Group, an expert in this field, is offering to manage the maintenance of your electrical and energy systems, while promising to save costs, and also improve monitoring and maintenance of the various electrical systems in your organization.

The service is tailored to each and every customer, according to their specific needs, from the following list of services:

  • Preventive maintenance for facility systems (taking care of distribution boards, transformers and high voltage, thermographic scans, generator sets, UPS systems, lighting, etc.)
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Archive construction and documentation, including electrical mapping of existing facilities
  • 24/7 emergency call center for handling urgent problems
  • Plant survey and electrical examination by a qualified inspector (Bodek), and preparing certificates of approval for the authorities and the fire department
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Spare parts warehouse, 24-hour availability

The work teams of service providers are composed of first-rate professional engineers and electricians, with years of experience in handling and preventing a variety of complex problems. The maintenance teams are deployed across the country, from north to south, and are available to serve our customers at any site in the country.

El-Mor assigns to each customer an engineer, who is responsible for maintaining regular contact with the facility’s representatives, while at the same time managing the maintenance teams and issuing the test reports. The Maintenance Division holds long-term contracts with dozens of leading Israeli customers, including:
The largest telecom companies (cellular, telephone, ISPs, etc.), leading high-tech companies, hospitals and campuses, banks and financial institutions, leading industrial plants, real estate property management companies, and more.

Our experts are at your service to arrange a meeting, in which the best possible plan for your organization will be formulated.