The Leditech Company of the El-Mor Group is engaged in improving energy efficiency; its goal is to significantly reduce power consumption, with an emphasis on using highly effective and economical LED lighting, which can save some 70% of power consumption and maintenance costs compared to conventional systems.

We offer our customers financing options for carrying out their project with no investment on their part, and savings in costs from the first day.

The lighting field is the second-largest energy consumer in the world, and some 25% of all electrical consumption is directed to interior and exterior lighting. Dramatic changes have occurred in this field in recent years, due to amazing developments in LED lighting.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is economical, has a long lifespan and high energy utilization, replacing traditional lighting methods that used metal-halide or high-pressure sodium lamps in interior and exterior lighting, and various fluorescent lights.

Leditech specializes in projects in the field of energy efficiency in lighting used by manufacturing plants, companies, villages and urban areas.

The solutions we offer include energy-efficient exterior and interior lighting, featuring units enabling lighting profile design, and connection to the monitoring system.

These units are designed for an economical lighting profile, which includes dimming when full illumination is not required, and increasing light strength as necessary. The Company is the leader in the LED market, and has already installed tens of thousands of interior and exterior LED lighting fixtures, many featuring communications and monitoring systems.

The Leditech Company is a member of the El-Mor Group.

Guiding principles:

  • Leditech is committed to providing customers with the optimal solution in terms of cost life cycle; in other words, a long-term view of customer requirements and of the appropriate solution in terms of investment and savings.
  • The Company offers a full turnkey solution, including feasibility studies, solution specification, ascertaining the technologies required, lighting design, purchasing equipment, managing the project and installing the equipment and associated systems, 24/7 monitoring, service warranty and a long-term inventory of spare parts.
  • A key barrier to implementing energy efficiency is allocating financing for the means of implementation of a project. Leditech specializes in financing projects, and offers the option of investing the capital needed to achieve the required energy efficiency.
    The return on the investment comes from the available income created from power and maintenance savings.
  • Leditech enables customers to build the return on investment in such a manner that the customer will see a profit, immediately after the system is installed.
  • Leditech offers a warranty of at least 5 years on equipment, and the option of extending the warranty in projects requiring an extension.
  • Leditech is committed to complying with all the strictest quality standards.

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