The El-Mor group is a leader in performing large, complex energy, electrical and electro-mechanical projects in the following industries:

  • Energy – Combined cycle power plants, PV solar plants, biomass systems, energy efficiency
  • Industry – food, beverages and pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing plants
  • Heavy industry– oil refineries, fuel conduction, cathodic protection, water desalinization plants, waste water purification plants, explosion-proof facilities, and more.
  • Telecom and high-tech – critical plants, cellular systems, DC facilities, communications switches and data centers
  • Commercial and public buildings – financial institutions and insurance, hospitals, stadiums and theaters, commercial centers, railroad stations, hotels, and so on.
  • Military and defense– army camps, air force bases, classified defense installations
  • Infrastructure and street lighting – laying power lines, communications and fiber optics, road and street lighting, high mast lighting poles.

El-Mor guarantees to all its customers that it will be able to respond as quickly as possible. This is the reason why many of the Company’s customers continue to work with it for regular maintenance, even after the completion of the project and the warranty period.

The Group has sufficient experience and capabilities to perform projects abroad. To date, the Group has carried out a variety of projects in Europe – Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey and Greece and in Africa – Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Angola.

The El-Mor Electricity Division employs 25 project managers, who are responsible for project management, starting from awarding the contract, and through implementation of plans, planning milestones for the project’s progress, carrying out the required procurement, running all project’s operations while coordinating the various professionals involved in accordance with the project type.

After construction, performing test run procedure to the satisfaction of the customer and the authorities, and issuing the as-built plans together with the plant dossier to the customer.