El-Mor installed the electrical systems at the Dead Sea Works (DSW) power plant, a combined cycle power plant located inside the DSW site, powered by natural gas with diesel fuel as backup, with a production capacity of 240 MW.

The plant structure features a Siemens gas turbine and steam turbines; in addition, electrical work was carried out in peripheral units, consisting of:

  • Water treatment systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Power distribution building
  • Emergency diesel generator
  • Battery and UPS rooms

El-Mor acted as the plant’s prime contractor for the energy and electrical systems, and implemented the following systems:

  • Manufacturing and installing electrical switchboards
  • Installing 11,000 meters of cable ducts, metal trays and ladders
  • Laying 180,000 meters of cable (HV, LV, fiber optic and communications cables)
  • Making some 2700 cable terminations and connections (switchboards, JBs, motors, etc.)
  • Installing HV switching equipment and a transformer (250MVA, 90MVA, 30MVA)
  • Installing generator-sets
  • Assembling copper and aluminum bus-bars
  • Connecting UPS and DC systems
  • Connecting and installing battery rooms
  • Implementing grounding and lightning protection systems
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting systems
  • Performing HV and MV lab tests for cables and transformers
  • Balance of plant
  • Designing and installing CCTV system
  • Designing and installing the access control system
  • Designing and installing the PA system
  • Installing the IT/Telecom system

The work was carried out during: 2014-2016
Scope of project: $8 million

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