El-Mor performed the electrical work at the Agan Chemicals power plant, a combined cycle power plant located in Ashdod and powered by natural gas with diesel fuel as backup, with a production capacity of 55 MW.

The plant structure features a General Electric gas turbine and Siemens steam turbines, and in addition, electrical work was carried out in peripheral units, consisting of:

  • Water treatment systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Power distribution buildings
  • GIS – gas isolated system
  • Emergency diesel generator-sets
  • Battery and UPS rooms

El-Mor acted as the plant’s prime electrical contractor and carried out the following work:

  • Manufacturing and installing electrical switchboards
  • Installing electrical conduits, metal trays and ladders
  • Laying down cables (HV, MV, LV and VLV)
  • HV, MV and LV cable terminators and connections
  • Installing emergency generator-sets
  • Connecting UPS and DC systems and battery rooms
  • Performing lab tests for cables, transformers and other electrical components
  • Balance of plant
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting systems

Performing work for Agan Chemicals Power Plant 161 KV substation.

In this project, El-Mor performed electrical work in the 161 KV substation and connected it to the utility grid.

The work included:

  • Manufacturing, installing and wiring AC, DC and protection switchboards.
  • Supplying and installing DC system, including converters and battery room
  • Installing and connecting HV and MV switching equipment
  • Installing and connecting 75 MVA transformer
  • HV voltage connection to power grid

The work was carried out during: 2014-2015

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