El-Mor implemented all of the electrical, instrumentation and control systems at one of Israel’s largest and most complex energy projects – the Dorad 840MW Power Plant.

The combined cycle power plant is located south of Ashkelon and is powered by natural gas, with diesel fuel as backup, and has a production capacity of 840 MW; the plant structure consists of:

  • 12 GE gas turbines and 2 Skoda steam turbines (14 turbines in total), divided into two blocks, each providing 420 MW. Each block consists of 6 gas turbines and a single steam turbine.
  • Peripheral support:
  • Water treatment systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Power distribution building
  • GIS – Gas Isolated System
  • EDG – Emergency Diesel Generator
  • Battery and UPS rooms

El-Mor, acting as the contractor for the plant’s main electromechanical systems, implemented the following:

  • Manufacturing and installing 5,000-amp switchboards (including DC panels)
  • Installing 25,000 meters of cable ducts and ladders
  • Laying 900,000 meters of cables (HV, LV, fiber optic and communications cables)
  • Terminating some 23,000 connections (boards, BJ boxes, etc.)
  • Supplying, installing and connecting HV and MV transformers, MV switchgears and HV protection panels
  • Carrying out lab tests for cables, transformers and protection systems
  • Installing aux generator-sets
  • Supplying and assembling copper and aluminum bus-bars
  • Connecting UPS and DC plant systems, battery rooms
  • Performing all instrumentationand SCADA work
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • Supplying and installing site lighting and emergency lighting
  • Testing and commissioning
  • The work was carried out during: 2012-2014
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