El-Mor has performed all the electrical work and systems at MED-1’s data centers for the last 15 years, since their construction, and until today. In addition, El-Mor teams are responsible for the preventative maintenance of the sites, as well as the corrective maintenance and  24/7 emergency dispatch.

The projects have included:

  • Energy centers on building sites
  • Medium-voltage work: transformers, switchgears, bus-bars
  • Low-voltage work: balance of plant, conduits and cabling, bus-bars
  • SCADA systems
  • Manufacturing and installing switchboards of up to 4,000 amps
  • Installing unique generator-sets with integrated rotating UPS units
  • DC plant backed up with UPS systems
  • Special grounding systems for ultra-high frequencies
  • Special systems for electrical enhancement and active harmonic cancelators
  • Very low-voltage systems (CCTV, security, fire detection, PA, access controls, and more)

The work was carried out during: 2003-2014

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