Renovation and upgrading of the NILIT 161kV Substation and connecting it to a70 MW Combined Cycle Power Station as well as to the 161KV utility grid.

All upgrading works were done on a live 161KV tension (HV fields A and B alternately) without disconnecting the Nilit factory feed from the utility grid, enabling its 24/7 production continuity.

In addition, the factory was connected with a full redundancy and in parallel to a 70MW power station consists of main gas turbine + steam turbine, two HV/MV transformers with a capacity of 30MW each.

Throughout the renovations at least one of the two transformers was remain under a live voltage

El-Mor was the main energy and electrical contractor and responsible for:

  • HV installations
  • Metal ladders and trays installations
  • Cables pulling
  • Cables terminations
  • DC plant and batteries rooms installation
  • Lighting
  • AC & DC Panels manufacturing, installation and integration
  • HV grid terminations
  • BOP – Equipment installation, communications and measurements panels.
  • General lighting and power installations.
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • I&C (instrumentation & Control)
  • CCTV and PA systems
  • Commissioning

Year of construction: 2018-2019

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