El-Mor managed and installed the electrical and SCADA systems at the Tara dairy plant, one of largest dairy plants in Israel, located near Netivot.

El-Mor, managed and carried out all the electromechanical work, which included:

  • Manufacturing and installing switchboards in the dairy plant up to 4,000 amps.
  • Installing cable trays and ladders
  • Laying, terminating and connecting cables (MV, LV, fiber optic and communication cables)
  • Installing transformers and MV switchgears boards (in total 16 MV enclosures)
  • Performing lab tests for electrical equipment – cables and transformers
  • Assembling bus-bars
  • Installing generator-sets
  • Performing all instrumentation and SCADA work
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • Site lighting, production lines and halls
  • Installing building control systems (BMS), security, and firefighting systems

The work was carried out during: 2013-2014

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